Safe and Economical Drive System

Safe and Economical Drive System is a special system
specifically designed and developed
by Mapping World for the purpose of tracking
and analyzing field teams of companies in traffic.
The system aims at improving traffic safety of drivers,
reducing misdriving costs, and helping
users develop safer and more economical
driving habits on a corporate basis.

Temperature Control and Monitoring System

Temperature sensors connected to devices measure,
monitor and report temperature levels of cold-chain
and FMCG vehicles in real-time. In the event of a
critical and unexpected temperature change, users
receive alerts both through the system and SMS.

Shuttle Tracking System

The system allows companies/parents/schools administration to monitor exact location of their staff/children with respect to their journey in the transportation buses. Additionally, the system can relay the location of a vehicle, if needed via SMS. Furthermore, movement of all the buses can be tracked and alerts can be sent for violations such as acceleration and speeding through email and SMS. The system can also check the travel history of the buses to determine if they followed the predefined routes and to ensure punctuality.

Public Transportation Management System.

The system allows for automatic tracking of
public transportation vehicles? departure
and arrival times at bus stops and reports
whether they have complied with the
predefined routes and schedules. Vehicles?
routes, their check points and arrival
departure times can be easily configured
by using the system. It is also possible
to control, manage and access real-time
reports on waiting times and delays of the
buses at the bus stops.

Fleet Preventive Maintenance System.

The system helps managing the fleet by recording maintenance
history and tracking the periodic maintenance/service
operations of the vehicles. The vehicles? period of
maintenance is automatically retrieved through the
data transferred from the vehicle?s dashboard.
The statistics of improper vehicle use
(e.g. sudden acceleration, deceleration and
more), cost incurred for a particular service,
replaced parts, total maintenance costs and
much more valuable information can be recorded
and numerous associated reports can be easily
generated for Fleet Management.

Transit Control System.

The Transit Control System is developed by Mapping World
specifically for the application areas requiring long
term operations management such as international logistics
services, long distance transportation, and management of
the customs checkpoints. The system allows for managing
all the operations on-line from a single web-based interface.

Taxi Dispatch System.

Taxi Dispatch System is specifically designed to
provide the taxi companies with an automatic and
rapid solution for notifying the operators and
drivers of the nearest vehicle. System automatically
finds the nearest taxi to the customer location and
sends the job to taxi over GPRS. Customer?s coordinates
are automatically fed into the navigation system and
turn by turn driver directions are generated and driver
can easily access driving directions via LCD Screen
within the vehicle. The system also records and reports
starting and ending times of the jobs, total distance
traveled along with the work registration number.

Emergency Operations Management System.

The Emergency Operations Management System is a special
system developed for emergency teams like ambulance,
police, fire department and the command centers of
these teams. The system consists of a call center,
voice recording system, operation management software,
digital mapping applications, vehicle tracking and
mobile data communication systems functioning in a
fully integrated manner. The whole process from the
moment of the emergency call to the termination of
the operation can be managed instantly and conveniently
with this system.

Fire Management System

The Fire Management System is a special emergency operation
management system developed by Mapping World in order to fight
against fires more efficiently. With the advanced technology
solution it offers early and efficient interventions are ensured.

Mobile Waste Tracking System

Handling, control and auditing of hazardous wastes are critical actions,
as they constitute a potential threat for human and environmental health.
In this context, Mapping World has specially developed for public services
the Mobile Waste Tracking System that manages the process to handle and
store hazardous wastes under municipal control, to obtain a sound database
and inventory by way of proper recording and checking.

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