PTS 44 Personal/Pet Tracking Device

Small size and lightweight design; carry it on your purse, pocket, etc.

Dedicated SOS button for emergency assistance..

Two-way communication feature: Receive calls or call the pre-set number.

Send SMS or e-mail to the pre-defines person(s).

Integrated G-Sensor identifies crashes, falls and more...

Presonal and Assets Tracking Package;

    for tracking high-risk patients, e.g. Alzheimer’s patients

    for the safety and tracking of children

    for the safety and tracking of the disabled

    during search and rescue operations

    for the safety and tracking of outdoor sports activities

    for tracking and control of pets

    for tracking and control of valuables and assets

    for tracking of field teams and operations.

bts.11 Vehicle Tracking Device

    Small size and lightweight design, high quality and performance

    Can be installed easily and seamlessly within the vehicle.

    A single unit with internal GSM, GPS antennas. 50 Channel GPS receiver and Assist GPS features allows gathering reliable location information.

    Through the integrated motion sensor (G-Sensor) it is possible to get instant notifications in case of an accident, when the vehicle is moved unauthorized and when the vehicle is towed away.

    Remote firmware and program parameters update over GPRS.

Advanced Software Applications

Never lose track of your vehicles with Web/Desktop Software and mobile applications specifically designed and compatible with Windows Phone, iPhone/iPad, Android devices.

Mappingworld Web-based Application

Mappingworld‘s easy-to-use web based interface, can be accessed with a user name and password from any internet enabled PC through simple interface enables users to access their vehicle tracking and fleet management and monitoring system with digital maps hosted on the web server.

Mappingworld Desktop Application

Mappingworld desktop solution and digital maps, installed on the user’s PC, only receives the data through the devices. Thus, it operates fast and effectively even with the low bandwidth internet connections.

Smartphone and Tablet Applications

Vehicles can be monitored in real time on the digital maps with Arvento’s mobile applications specifically designed and compatible with Windows Phone, iPhone/iPad (iOS), Android based devices. Users can easily access reports, notifications and warning messages and monitor vehicles through the mobile applications.
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Licensed Digital Maps

World’s maps on your screen turn-by-turn.

Digital maps, integrated into Mappingworld’s software and applications, are updated throughout the subscription period at no additional charge. Furthermore, users can customize digital maps by adding key locations, such as office locations, POIs and more. Mappingworld system comes installed with digital maps of Europe, Middle East and Arab Peninsula including certain streets, avenues and main locations.

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